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Affiliates Wanted
Affiliates Locator

Affiliates Wanted
Affiliates Wanted Across Canada
WorldHR is a Canadian recruiting agency and is looking to find affiliates throughout Canada to help us find qualified candidates and shoot their video resumes. Many Canadians are willing to relocate for a better job and we can help them. WorldHR affiliates share the fees paid by employers and does not charge recruiting fees to Canadians job seekers. Job seekers may be charged for other services such as resume writing and video recording. Affiliates must have an office in which to record video resumes.

If you are interested in opening a WorldHR affiliate office contact

Business Developers Wanted
We are also looking to find business developers/employment specialists that can help us deliver employment services to employers. Business developers contact employers and market job seekers to them using our video system. If this interests you please send us your resume to

International Affiliates
If you are interested in opening an affiliate office outside Canada to recruit foreign workers then contact Passportal International Inc ( at