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Services for Job Seekers
Job Seekers are represented by Passportal International Inc ( Passportal helps job seekers throughout the process. Here is a list of some of the services provided:
  • Development of a long-term strategic immigration and settlement plan
  • Legal advice and representation for work permits, permanent residence and Citizenship
  • Assistance and representation regarding occupation certification or licensing
  • Advice regarding employment rules, regulation and policy
  • Assistance for collecting the required supporting documents for various applications
  • Help completing all necessary application forms
  • Notarization of translations and documentation
  • Advice, guidance, evaluation and instruction regarding language training and testing
  • Arranging transportation to and from Canada
  • Airport pick-up once in Canada
  • Assistance and solutions regarding transportation to and from workplace
  • Advising on dependents and arranging student/work visas
  • Advising dependents on schools, employment, medicare, insurance, PR
  • Arranging financing for service fees, legal fees, transportation
  • Advice re automobile financing, insurance and how to obtain driver's licenses
  • Advice re interim health, workplace, disability and life insurance
  • Obtaining pension benefits once returning to home country
  • Mediation services with employers in the event of problems
  • Verification of employment and reference checks
  • Administering tests for employers
  • Employment interview advice and preparation
  • Writing resumes, video scripts and preparing video resume
  • Recording and hosting video resumes
  • Accommodations in Canada - temporary and permanent
  • Advice re obtaining mobile phones once in Canada
  • Help re opening bank accounts
  • Recommendations regarding remitting money to home country
  • Advice for establishing Canadian credit history
  • Advice regarding where to get clothes and home furnishing inexpensively
  • Advice Re landlord and tenant laws and regulations
  • Information on how to obtain a Canadian credit card
  • Advice regarding Canadian and international taxation issues