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Our employment specialists recruit the candidates you need while saving you time and money.

With our revolutionary Video Resume System you can watch “virtual interviews” online and pre-screen more candidates in a fraction of the time. Traditional paper resumes reveal little about a candidate but with Video Resumes you can evaluate candidates more effectively and efficiently.

Let us find, screen and deliver your next candidates. We recruit locally and internationally. Tell us who you need, and we'll find them for you.

Sign up to post your jobs and screen candidates online, for free. By creating your profile, we will be able to help you find the candidates you need.

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> Video Resumes are the ultimate pre-screening tool.
> "See" candidates online … in less than 1 minute.
> Simply click a hyperlink to view an online Video Resume.
> No video tapes, no CD's, no time wasting interviews.
> Videos are more informative and saves you time.
> Expand your search nationally or internationally.
> It's the Virtual HR solution.