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The fastest and easiest way to find your next employee!
Review candidates from our existing database of online video resumes of qualified candidates. By simply clicking a link, you can quickly screen candidates and easily find the right fit for your company – and if you don’t see who you’re looking for, we’ll find them for you!

Our system saves you time and money in contrast to traditional recruitment methods which are inefficient and ineffective. Video Resumes eliminate costly, time-consuming preliminary interviews, allowing you to instantly see a candidate’s personality, enthusiasm, attitude & communication skills – in less than 1 minute! Spend your valuable time interviewing only the best candidates face-to-face; with World HR, the great people you see are the great people you will get.

We’ll find the qualified, hardworking and loyal people you need. We have remarkably low fees and excellent payment terms, enabling us to provide you with a very cost-effective solution to your employment needs regardless of size, scope or complexity.

To achieve these goals, we work with Passportal International Inc. ( Passportal's worldwide network of professional affiliates helps to find the people you need. The top Canadian immigration law firm, Rosenblatt Associates, ( handles all immigration matters.