Roger (Rogelio) 
Experience: 5-6 years
Education: Secondary
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Intending occupations:
I have over 6 years of experience as a welder here in Mexico. I enjoy my work but I would like to try and get a job in Canada in my profession.
My main areas of expertise are working with STICK, TIG, MIG, and Flux Core welding processes. I am also very familiar with handling tools such as the drill, guillotine, grinder and I can read electrical and mechanical blue prints and I have experience driving fork lifts.
Salary range:
To be negotiated
In my current job, my responsibilities are Welding stainless steel pipes, welding beams and Assembling and welding stainless steel structures. In this refinery company, there are a lot of large sized containers and pipeline systems that need maintenance at all times, it is my duty to fix and report all the problems and changes.
FromToJob TitleEmployer NameCountryDescription
01/2007PresentwelderAlmexMexicoHere some of my responsibilities are welding armed pipelines made of stainless steel and aluminum, armed structures and the maintenance and replacing of the pipelines.
06/200510/2007WelderHeat and ControlMexicoIn this position, I helped assemble industrial furnaces and I worked on a production line welding large pieces of stainless steel.
10/200107/2005WelderElectrica ABMexicoDuring this time I worked for a Manufacture of cabinets in stainless steel and carbon steel. I also helped make electrical panels, wiring, and used MIG welding, TIG, Porta- electrode and Autogena using oxygen and acetylene.
01/199909/2001WelderManufacturas HogarMexicoFor two years, I worked in a Manufacturing company which produced furniture made of steel. I was responsible for cutting and assembling the pieces together using different welding techniques.
FromToEducationArea(s) of StudyUniversityCollegeCountry
02/198802/1991SecondarySecondaryJose Antonio Torres No.17Mexico
Language Speaking Listening Reading Writing
English Well Well Well Well
Spanish Fluent Fluent Fluent Fluent
ID:53592 Aff:784