Operating Room Nurse
Experience: 1-2 years
Education: Bachelor's degree
Location: Baguio City, Philippines
Intending occupations:
Operating Room Nurse
OR Nurse

Planning, Organizing and Coordinating
- Assist in the general nursing procedures in the OR unit under the direction of the supervisor and act in the capacity as the Nurse on the later's absence as designated/assigned.
- Assist in determining amount, kinds and needs of supplies instruments and equipment in the unit
- Analyze and determine staffing needs in room assignment
- Report, notify and inform the supervisor of any need/problems arising in the unit
- Participate in the coordination activities of personnel

Direct Patient Care
- Guided and assisted in the incidental teaching of nursing affiliates and trainees as their experience warrants
- Participated in the maintenance of a surgically clean, orderly and safe environment for patients and personnel in their designated areas of responsibility
- Interpreted and implemented hospital objectives, policies to the staff, affiliates, trainees, patient's watchers, visitors and to the public
- Assisted and responsible for patient care for designated room of intra operatively
- Gave moral support and health teachings through pre-op visits and intra-operative performance in the compliance with learning experience/requirements
- Helped nursing affiliates through pre-op and intra-operative performance in the compliance with the learning experience
- Participated in the coordinating of activities of nursing affiliates with the instructors
- Participated in the coordination of personnel and trainees with the nurse
- Scrubbed, assisted in the major and minor operations including difficult and complicated cases in the area of assignment
- Circulated in major and minor operations and assisted, follow-up affiliates and trainees in the performance of their duties in the room of assignment

- Assumed responsibility in the care, handling, inventory and maintenance of supplies, instruments and equipment and is responsible for daily packing and sterilization
- Participated., assisted, responsible in the proper after care of instruments, supplies and equipment (infected and non infected) and proper waste management/disposal on assigned rooms and entire unit
- participated, assisted in the preparation of different supplies needed in the unit and observed/participated in the economical use of supplies
- set-up equipments, supplies and equipment for all operations in the designated room of assignment
(Full-time, Part-time, Contract)
Salary range:
To be negotiated
Being an operating room nurse in a government hospital, I am constantly being assigned to different clinical departments such as Medical-Surgical, OB Gyne, ENT and Ophthalmology Departments.

Having said that, I am exposed day-in and day-out to numerous clinical cases and with this kind of extensive exposure, I was able to continually enhance my skills, knowledge, techniques as well as develop and create a conducive environment for my fellow medical practitioners to work with ease and for patients to recuperate quickly.

I am a well rounded individual and a dedicated professional nurse. I am dependable in the work place, keen to details, punctual in work timetable & targets, organized, conscientious and responsible.
I am easy to get along with, caring, flexible, adaptable, patient, efficient and skillful.
Qualities that a professional nurse must have.

What I enjoy about being a nurse is the touch of healing I impart to all of my patients, be it with different age and race. The uniqueness of having the tender loving care of a Filipino nurse gives magic and fulfillment to a patient which is happiness for me.

These innate Asian traits of being patient, caring and loving that I posses, culture wise, can be beneficial to both professional colleagues and patients alike.

I also am talented in with paper works. Moreover, I'm engaged in real estate business. I deal with my clients in my spare time, processing different land title documents. I deal with all sorts of people being patient and assertive. I’m very good in public relations and I can easily get along with others. Being flexible and confident with myself is an asset.

I live by with the principle of Honesty, Dedication and Service! I work fast and efficient might it be solely or with a group.
FromToJob TitleEmployer NameCountryDescription
09/2005PresentNurseBaguio General Hospital Medical CenterPhilippines-Receives the patient as she/he is brought from the wards and in the end of the operation, supervises together with the resident and anesthesiologist the transferring out of the patient -Coordinates with the surgeon during the operation and provides adequate assistance during the operation -Prepares everything needed for the schedule surgical operations including special equipment and materials -Together with the surgeon, checks the inventory of the OR stocks such as sponges, needles, instruments, before and after operation -Keeps record of all the cases in the operating room and endorse the same to the personnel-in-charge of records.
FromToEducationArea(s) of StudyUniversityCollegeCountry
06/198603/1990Bachelor's degreeBS in NursingPines City Educational CenterPhilippines
06/198203/1986SecondarySecondary GraduateSaint Louis Girls High SchoolPhilippines
FromToTraining/CertificateTraining Organization
11/200012/2000First Aid Training (Standard)Pines City Educational Center
11/200012/2000Basic Life Support TrainingPines City Educational Center
12/200012/2000Stress ManagementPines City Educational Center
10/200010/2000Aroma TherapyPines City Educational Center
03/200003/2000Psychotherapy Counseling TechniquesPines City Educational Center
07/200407/2004End-Stage Renal Disease Care and ManagementPines City Educational Center
07/200107/2001Safe & Decisive Nursing PracticePines City Educational Center
08/200408/2004ABG Reading and InterpretationPines City Educational Center
08/200408/2004Intravenous InjectionsPines City Educational Center
08/200408/2004Intramuscular InjectionsPines City Educational Center
12/200412/2004First Benguet SummitPines City Educational Center
12/200412/2004Cultural Diversity & Nursing Law and Practice in the United StatesPines City Educational Center
12/200412/2004Total Parental Nutrition UpdatesPines City Educational Center
12/200412/2004Uterine Bleeding Disorders UpdatesPines City Educational Center
Language Speaking Listening Reading Writing
English Well Well Well Well
Tagalog Fluent Fluent Fluent Fluent
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