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  • Mexicans head north for a better life. Way north.
    "Word is getting out that Canada is a great place,' says David Rosenblatt .'We need skilled workers, but also blue collar - carpenters, roofers, welders. You name it."
    The Christian Science Monitor, 28/10/2005 » Full Story

  • Canada is wooing Mexican immigrants
    MEXICO CITY - As the United States fortifies its border with Mexico, Canadian companies are reaching out to immigrants who are frustrated by U.S. restrictions and tempted by dreams of a better life in Canada.  5/13/2005   » Full Story

  • Videos enter job market
    Resumés on tape are easy for employers to screen
    Metro /  3/31/2005   » Full Story

  • Rosenblatt Explains Changes to Retroactive Rules
    "I can't stress enough the importance of Canada bringing in skilled workers. The skilled workers account for over 60% of immigrants coming in. And the economists and experts realize that our growth has been fuelled by the immigrants coming into the country and that they weren't going to get enough immigrants. The immigrants that were getting refused were furious, frustrated, feeling like they've been ripped off, and we don't need people from around the world sending this message out and talking badly about Canada. We need to encourage people and find the best of the best. These are the people that are going to make our country grow."
    David Rosenblatt in an Interview with Lynn Desjardins on Radio Canada International, 19/09/2003

  • Rosenblatt Fights Against Unfair Immigration Rules
    "'The new pass mark is not realistic or reasonable,' he said. 'What these numbers show is that the new immigration rules are an absolute failure, particularly with respect to skilled-worker applicants, which our country so desperately needs to replenish its work force and economic base."
    Immigrant rules called too tough,The Globe and Mail, April 8, 2003.

  • Retroactivity Unfair. Rosenblatt Fights Immigration
    "Immigration has turned mean and nasty," said David Rosenblatt, "Many people paid to apply for immigration under the old system and when the government changed the rules, making it more difficult to get into the coutnry, application fees should have been refunded but weren't." he said. "Imagine if you went and put a down payment on a car and then the dealer says we are not making that car anymore, and we are keeping your money," he said.
    Skilled workers blocked: critics. Canadian HR Reporter, May 5, 2003.

  • Rosenblatt Announces Retroactive Rules Changed
    "The liability for Canada was enormous. It could have been in the billions of dollars if damages were awarded to the applicants, and hundreds of thousands of people were affected."
    David Rosenblatt on The National 18 September 2003 >

  • Retroactive Rules Unfair
    "We are calling on Parliament to do something about this," said lawyer David Rosenblatt, president of the Federation for Better Immigration Policy. "This is a real perversion. These people had spent thousands of dollars on fees, on lawyers and on courier service to speed their applications along," he said in an interview yesterday."
    Thousands denied immigration bid, lawyers say,: Government urged to be fair to applicants.
    The Globe and Mail, February 27, 2003.

  • Rosenblatt Continues Fight Against Retroactive Laws
    "Mr. Rosenblatt indicated that after the 102 cases had succesfully challenged the legality of the retroactivity of the new immigration law, they have received, through different channels, more than 4000 cases of similar nature from all over the world in a month."
    "Mr. Rosenblatt indictated the following two points which will be proposed to the court in the next legal proceeding. One, request the Immigration Department to assess the immigration application under the technical category according to the old assessment system. And two, request a large amount of compensation, i.e. $1 M/person CDN, from the Immigration Department, therefore it is different from the 102 immigration applications under the skilled worker category to challenge the retroactivity of the new law back to the old cases."
    Immigrants want to join a group suit for $1 M in damages against the Federal Immigration Department.
    Ming Pao, April 4, 2003

  • Rosenblatt Explains Landmark Victory
    "When the government fails in its duty to serve the public, appealing to the courts may be an effective mechanism for compelling accountability from bureaucrats and changing public policy. Coderre is learning this lesson firsthand. But the task now is to motivate Parliament to strike down the retroactive provisions of the new regulations, and protect the other 150,000+ pre-IRPA applicants from being arbitrarily refused because they do not meet a pass mark designed to reject applicants in order to eradicate Immigration's backlog."
    Decision finds Immigration breached duty, Law Times, Vol. 14, No.9, March 10, 2003.

  • Rosenblatt Uses Streaming Video to Find Jobs for Candidates
    "Rosenblatt says 'a video enables a potential employer in Toronto to take as little as 30 seconds to two minutes to get a good sense of or feeling about a candidate. Then a candidate's credentials can be evaluated and a telephone interview is set up. It's a great time saver for everyone.'"
    Screening Candidates: Use of video interviews is on the rise, employers can recruit long-distance.
    Toronto Star, September 6, 2003.

  • Rosenblatt Associates is a Leader in Immigration Law
    Established 12 years ago, Rosenblatt Associates Managering Director, David Rosenblatt is one of the most important names in immigration and has become well known due to his success in repealing the retroactivity law with the Federal Government. Working with David Rosenblatt, is Hamid Azimi who heads the Middle East Division. For 9 years, Rosenblatt and Azimi with the help of managers have made the company one of the best companies and successful businesses in Canada. As one of the largest and leading immigration organizations in Canada has brought new change in this field by using the latest state of the art technology.
    New Developments in Field of Immigration to Canada, The Iran Star, December 12, 2003.

  • Rosenblatt Leads Fight Against Unfair Rules
    170,000 skilled worker applicants are now affected by the retroactivity law and at least a quarter of them are from China. If assessed under the new rules, almost 90 percent of people will not be successful. Because of the new retroactivity law, David Rosenblatt is advocating that all applicants before the end of March, join120 other skilled worker applicants who have already filed a group legal proceeding. By filing in federal courts to challenge the retroactivity of the new rules will help applicants fight for their own destiny.
    Over 40 Million from Mainland China were Barred from the Retroactivity of New Immigration Laws.
    Ming Pao, March 03, 2003

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