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> Canada Versus the World - Canada’s The Best Place on Earth
Canada ranks as the best place on earth and we’re proud. Compared with other industrialized countries Canada is the clear winner in many areas. Not only is Canada the world’s most diverse and tolerant society but we’re a uniquely privileged nation – wealthier, healthier, and happier than practically any other place in the world. ... »details
MacLean’s Magazine, July 6/09
Toronto reports strong housing sales for June and July. Sales are up 27%. June numbers are best on record. ... »details
Toronto Real Estate Board
Saskatchewan becomes new breadbasket The Ecomonist recently reported that Saskatchewan is booming and enjoying a new era of prosperity. ... »details
> Four Canadian Provinces To Buck Recession - Report
Manitoba is expected to grow 1 percent in 2009, while Saskatchewan may lead all provinces with a 1.6 percent advance. ... »details

> Labour market year-end review
Excerpts from a Statistics Canada Daily News Release Employment in Canada surged ahead during the last four months of 2003, salvaging at least a modest improvement from 2002. On average, just over 15.7 million people were employed last year, an increase of about 334,000, or 2.2%, from 2002. This average represented 62.4% of the working-age population, the highest annual rate of employment on record. ... »details
Statistics Canada Daily News Release