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The WorldHR employment agency helps employers find hardworking and reliable workers efficiently and effectively. We recruit top talent globally and present them to employers with our cutting-edge video resume system. We handle all the paperwork and make the process fast and easy to save you time and money. We offer a replacement guarantee. »More

Skilled Trades

Employer Benefits:

Enjoy enormous time & money savings by
easily pre-screening candidates online

Access the global labour market to find
hardworking and reliable workers

Reduce labour turnover and find committed
workers dedicated to helping you grow.

Take comfort in our expert legal team and
replacement guarantee
Candidate Benefits:

We have the more efficient and effective
system to market you to top employers

Obtain a job in Canada and enjoy the
highest standard of living

Commence a great job in Canada with
enormous career opportunities

Full-service help from our global affiliates
including legal and settlement services
Canadian Immigration & Investment Services